Did Steven Moffat Pick Doctor Who Over Star Wars?

Doctor Whos head-writer, Steven Moffat, wont be writing one of the upcoming Star Wars spin-off movies after his wife took to Twitter to deny the rumours.

Sue Vertue quashed speculation linking her husband to a potential position with the franchise, declaring courtesy of her Twitter account:

Just in case youve seen rumours that #stevenmoffat is doing Star Wars – thats news to him!

– sue vertue (@suevertue) July 10, 2014

On Wednesday rumours started to swirl that Moffat would oversee a future Star Wars film in either a producing, writing or directing capacity. It was alleged that LucasFilm wanted Moffat on-board because of his work with Steven Spielberg on 2011s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, which he co-wrote with Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish.

Of course his involvement in such a huge blockbuster cinematic endeavour would almost certainly have brought his role as Doctor Whos show-runner to an end.

But now that Moffat has, seemingly, rebuked the big money advances of, arguably, the most successful film franchise in cinematic history we can all start to speculate as to whether he turned down Star Wars to continue his work on the Time Lords adventures through time and space.

Moffat is currently putting the finishing touches to Peter Capaldis debut season in the TARDIS, and the BBC have already confirmed that a ninth season will follow too, while he also has a new batch of Sherlock episodes to work on.

All of which means that there simply wasnt any room in Moffats schedule to even consider working on a tale set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ….. In fact there doesnt even appear to be room for Moffat to take a toilet break or have a well-earned nap.

But if officials from LucasFilm did actually offer Moffat a job on a future Star Wars film and he turned it down for the TARDIS then it proves just how much of a hold Doctor Who has over him.

Would you like to have seen Steven Moffat try his hand at a Star Wars film?

Gregory Wakeman is a Doctor Who buff whose favourite incarnation of the character is Christopher Ecclestons 9th Time Lord. Only because hes northern.

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