Caught by Contact 6: Mechanic uses Katrina Cravy’s name to mislead others

Metzger owns a landscaping company and gave Carlen money advances in exchange for repairing his vehicles and plowing snow.

Michael Habermann worked for Metzger too. He says he lived with Carlen for two months and heard the same sad story.

He said he was dying of cancer and he was going through a special program where it wasnt chemo because he didnt believe in it. It was like a pill that wasnt tested quite yet. And it was expensive. So then he started borrowing money from my boss, Habermann recalled.

Then, the story got bigger.

Carlen told Metzger his Social Security checks were being held up and to get his money he turned to Contact 6.

Metzger reached out to Katrina Cravy.

The thing is, he said you actually went to Madison, and I thought, this lady is busy. Does she have time to do this kind of stuff? There were always constant little questions in the back of my head, Metzger told Cravy.

Just like he expected, Cravy had never heard of Carlen. Metzger was crushed and decided to record Carlen to show Cravy what hed been saying.

Heres a part of that conversation:

Carlen: Yeah Ill have your money in a day or soso I can pay you off.
Metzger: Okay.
Carlen: Weve had some problems down here so Im just running a little
Metzger: Okay. Did you get your Social Security thing figured out with Katrina or no that just never happened or what?
Carlen: No
Metzger: Has she been helping anymore?
Carlen: Yeah, shes helping me.

After hearing the conversation, Cravy decided to seek out Carlen to find out what was going on.

Cravy went to Ixonia and approached Carlen at his shop.